BC Budget 2019

BC Finance Minister Carole James delivered the province’s 2019 budget update on February 19, 2019. The budget anticipates a surplus of $274 million for the current year, $287 million for 2020 and $585 million in 2021.
The biggest announcements are:
● BC Child Opportunity Benefit
● Interest Free Student Loans

Client Touches

To this day, I still remember thinking at that time how’s an advisor suppose to do “12 touches per year” on top of what they’re doing now. Today, advisors still face this problem, but I feel that with the use of online and offline tools the “12” number is a little easier to hit..

Federal Budget 2018

The 2018 Federal Budget focuses on tax tightening measures for Business Owners and “equality and growth” for women and families.

The BC Budget

BC Finance Minister Carole James delivered the 2018 BC budget on February 20, 2018.
Corporate and personal tax rates remain unchanged.
The biggest changes are:
• Elimination of Medical Services Plan (MSP Premiums) effective January 1, 2020
• Addition of the Employer Health Tax (EHT)
• Provincial Property Taxes
• Childcare

How to use your website as a tool

There’s so much more to having a website, once you figure out the “marketing the services” and “what you do” piece, we challenge our advisors to think of using their website as a tool.