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Why Advisors Should Consider a Website Design

We were recently featured in the Globe and Mail speaking about designing websites and content for financial advisors and integrating it with social and email newsletters. In the article we talk about how advisors can use their website to grow their business.

We are grateful to the advisors that choose us to be their content and website provider and giving us the opportunity to grow with them. Thank you to the Globe and Mail for shining a spotlight on Financial Tech Tools.

Insurance Planning for Business Owners

For business owners, making sure your business is financially protected can be overwhelming. Business owners face a unique set of challenges when it comes to managing risk. Insurance can play an important role when it comes to reducing the financial impact on your business in the case of uncontrollable events such as disability, critical illness or loss of a key shareholder or employee.

Insurance Planning for Young Families

For young families, making sure your family is financially protected can be overwhelming, especially since there’s so much information floating online. This infographic addresses the importance of insurance- personal insurance.

The 4 areas of personal insurance a young family should take care of are: Health, Disability, Critical Illness, Life