Setting up your financial practice to specialize in working with high net worth individuals can be challenging. We’ve put together a list of strategies that can help you attract your ideal client.

Network in their area

The marketing methods that you have always used, such as cold calling or mailshots, may have worked well for you in the past but are unlikely to attract ideal clients as effectively. Instead, you need a targeted approach that involves putting yourself in their environment, be it charity events or university fundraisers which such individuals are known for supporting, and then building trust and awareness of your services slowly and professionally.

Target specific demographics

It’s in neither you nor your clients’ best interests to try to be a financial advisor for everybody, in all situations. You will be much better placed to offer knowledgeable and targeted services if you specialize in a niche. This will inevitably mean upskilling yourself in the financial matters that apply most to their needs, with wealth management and tax strategies being the most relevant.

Make “quality” your value proposition

Clients are willing to spend time on financial advice that they both trust and feel will save and earn them money in the long term. That’s why, you need to develop a high value proposition that will give such individuals well-placed confidence that they are working with the best possible quality in financial advice.

Remember the importance of your referral process

Once you have gained your first handful of clients, likely through solid and sustained business development efforts, it’s likely that you will continue to receive new clients through referrals or direct introductions from existing customers. These individuals trust their acquaintances and business partners, often live in similar areas, deal in similar businesses and have similar net worth as well and therefore word of mouth is by far the most prevalent way that they seek new financial advice.

Think long term

If you want to build a successful financial advisory business, it’s critical that you are in it for the long term. Attracting such ideal clients won’t happen overnight – but if you are willing to put in the work, once you secure your first few clients, you should be well on your way to reap the rewards in the future.