Determine if you’re on track for retirement in less than 5 minutes.  How does it work?

  • Put in your current age, retirement age and life expectancy

Growing your Retirement

  • Enter in your current RRSP and TFSA balance
  • Enter in your monthly/annual RRSP and TFSA contribution
  • Use the slider to enter your rate of return pre-retirement

Living your Retirement

  • Enter in your desired pre-tax income (monthly/annually)
  • Enter other income sources – such as CPP, OAS, GIS (we have the average and max so you don’t have to look it up), company pension and other investments
  • Adjust your rate of return post-retirement

And… ta-da the calculator will tell you if you’re on track or off. If you’re off track, it will provide you with how much your shortfall is and what you need to contribute to get back on track.

All of this in less than 5 minutes, then you download your report. No product recommendations, just numbers, you decide what how you invest.

Now check if you’re on track. Did I mention you can use this with clients?

The Calculator

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