As a financial advisor, you know that consistent communication with your clients and prospective clients is vital to maintain your business and help it grow. Consistent contact helps you remain a trusted advisor for your current clients, and you’ll also stay top-of-mind for your prospects. 

The thing is – while regularly communicating is critical, it’s also time-consuming! A great way to easily communicate with clients and prospective clients is via an email newsletter that contains relevant financial information.

Need to save even more time? Then email newsletter automation is for you. With email automation, a series of emails are automatically sent out to a prospect after a triggering event – such as signing up for a lead magnet and providing their email address.

Put It on Automatic

Nurturing new prospects with regular communication can help you build trust with your prospective clients and enable you to be top-of-mind when they are ready to hire a financial advisor.

With an automated financial advisor newsletter, you don’t have to worry about contacting every new prospect – it’s done for you! You can set up your website so that once a visitor participates in a triggering event (e.g., signs up for a free eBook, fills out a form, etc.), they will automatically start receiving emails regularly with helpful content and, of course, your contact information. 

Helpful Insights for Prospects 

With an automated email campaign, you can quickly and easily share meaningful content with prospects and clients. Knowledge-sharing enables you to build a trusting relationship with a potential client and keep current clients up-to-date on important information that could impact their financial plan.  

By sharing knowledge – not just trying to sell your services – you can prove to prospects that you’re well-informed about your field and are here to help them on their financial journey. 

Easily Monitor Your Campaigns 

You can monitor it and see your engagement analytics with an automated email marketing campaign. For example, you’ll be able to find out details such as how many people opened the emails and which links within the emails they clicked on. 

These insights can be beneficial to determine the following: 

  • How interested someone is in your services 

  • How receptive they are to receiving information via email  

  • What topics they’re interested in 

  • Which financial services they’re looking for 

These insights can help you better understand how to set up a successful financial advisor marketing campaign. 

We Can Help with Financial Newsletter Automation

Want to get started with email automation but not sure how? We can help – reach out to us to set up a meeting.