With Thanksgiving coming up, we’ve created social media posts for Thanksgiving.

Some of you might know, I use to work at an MGA  and one of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving was to surprise advisors with a Thanksgiving pie.

So I would get in the car, show up at the advisor’s office with a giant pie or two , it’s been years since I’ve done this but I still get reminded about being the “pie lady”. This is definitely something you can do with your top clients too… by providing them with an unexpected fun surprise makes you more memorable.

Here are some Thanksgiving gift ideas:

  • Thanksgiving cards
  • Pies- from a pie shop (not Costco- even though I love Costco)
  • Ice Cream with a fantastic ice cream scoop
  • Chocolate
  • Moscow Mule Mugs

It might be short notice- but you may want to consider hosting a Thanksgiving brunch/dinner with your best clients too.

How will this differentiate you? Well, it’s totally unexpected and it’s memorable since no one is really doing a major event plus you don’t get lost in the shuffle like when everyone is doing something at Christmas/New Year’s.

I totally can’t believe it’s almost Thanksgiving but enjoy this wonderful time with your friends and family.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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