There were many times when I would visit the Ernst & Young website or (gulp) bank website to determine what I would get as my tax refund if I deposited a lump sum to my RRSP before the March 1st deadline.

I always wished I had my own, so I wouldn’t have to use a third party version, plus it would make me or any of the advisors I worked with look way more professional.

Well.. now you can.

We’ve created a straightforward RRSP Tax Savings Calculator that you can embed on your website. You can view it at this link: We have purposely left it unbranded so it focuses on you, so you can have a conversation with your client, so you can send it to a prospect as a link on email, share it through social or embed it on your website.

It’s easy to use- just enter your client’s taxable Income and their RRSP contribution and it will determine your tax savings.

Oh and by the way… did we mention we created social posts to promote this tool as part of your RRSP campaign?

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