A great way to make your clients feel valued is to ask them for a client testimonial. But, the benefit to client testimonials doesn’t stop there. Client testimonials can be a fantastic tool to help you promote your business and boost lead generation.

What are the benefits of client testimonials?

  • People value the opinions of others – especially when making a big decision! That’s why sites like Yelp are so popular – it gives people a chance to learn more about a business without having to visit it in person.

  • Client testimonials are a great way to promote yourself and should be part of your larger marketing plan.

Client testimonials offer several benefits. They:

  • Increase your credibility

  • Help build trust with potential clients

  • Make current clients feel appreciated

  • Can be shared easily on platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook

There’s even a benefit to a client testimonial that isn’t wholly positive. While you may not want to share that testimonial on your website, it can give you insight into areas you may need to improve.

How can I use client testimonials as part of my marketing plan?

Testimonials are a great tool to use when trying to convert current prospects into clients. There are several places you can share testimonials:

  • Have a testimonials page on your website. If your clients are willing to make video testimonials, this can help sell you!

  • If you have a client testimonial that fits well with a blog post you’re writing, work it into the blog post.

  • Share positive quotes from clients on your social media pages – Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook are all excellent options for this.

  • Place testimonials in follow-up emails – they’re a great way to build credibility and trust. Prospects are more likely to be receptive to a sales pitch when a real-life experience backs it up.

  • You can also ask clients to leave testimonials for you via your Google My Business account.

Do I need to worry about rules and regulations?

The key to ensuring you don’t break any rules or regulations (such as those from the IIROC) is to make sure that any testimonials from your clients are honest and in no way misleading. When you ask your clients to write a testimonial for you, ask them not to reference specific performance results or investment advice they received or avoid sharing any statements that could potentially be misleading.

Instead, ask them to focus on how they felt about working with you and why they enjoy having you as their financial advisor.

Start Leveraging Client Testimonials!

If you’re not sure how to start collecting client testimonials or the best way to share them, we’d love to help you get started – give us a call!