The Benefits of iOS9 for a Financial Advisor

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On Monday, Apple announced iOS 9 will be coming in the fall, so what are the benefits for the financial advisor?

Context Sensitive Features– Siri, our electronic assistant is getting better with the ability to give us reminders, if you’re receiving a phone call from a number you don’t recognize, Siri can search through your email and suggest who it could be- this is cool but can be a little creepy too…

Notes– allows you to save in different folders in case you’re in a meeting with a client- you can actually put notes in files, better for organization and for compliance.

Drawing in notes- now you actually do a napkin drawing on your iPad, I’m bias though- I think our app has some pretty awesome 21st century napkin drawings.

Battery Saver-pretty self explanatory who doesn’t want a longer battery life especially when you can almost run a business from your iPhone (more on that in another blog post)

Multitasking-now you can split screen 2 apps, imagine this: you can run your life insurance needs analysis app and split screen it with an insurance company app so you can provide a life insurance quote to your client- making the meeting super smooth, all at your fingertips.

Deep Link Search- usually when you search on your iPad or iPhone, results will generate an app or web content, now the search will look within the apps, apps that are on your device. For example, a client is looking up “life insurance”, now it will pop up your advisor app that has a life insurance needs analysis. This is pretty important given that there are currently over 1.5Million apps in the App Store and an average person has 119 apps downloaded on their iPad or iPhone.