Nobody likes waiting. Whether it’s in-line or on the phone – or even to get an email reply – waiting is a waste of time. Make it easy for prospects to book their meetings directly with you. 

What’s a clear call to action on a financial advisor’s website? It’s an online booking system called “Book a Meeting.”

In this video tutorial, we outline how to set up your online calendar so that you can: 

  1. The four meetings every financial advisor should make available. 
  2. How to make it easy for prospects to book a meeting with you.
  3. How to manage your schedule. 
  4. Have your online booking system automatically sync with your calendar. 
  5. Automate so you can save time. 
  6. Make it easy for your prospect to focus on the financial matter they want to discuss.
  7. Where you should place your booking system link.

Do you want to set up your booking system to save time and money and, more importantly, not miss out on prospect opportunities? 

One of our comments from our advisors. 

“Thanks for setting mine up. It works like a charm. I’m always surprised to see appointments booked without me reaching out. Keep up the great work. Cheers!”

If you need help with your online marketing, reach out to us. We can help financial advisors grow their business. 

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