“I already have life insurance from work, so why do I need to get it personally?” or “Work has got me covered, I don’t need it.”

While it’s great to have group coverage from your employer or association, in most cases, clients don’t understand the that there are important differences when it comes to group life insurance vs. self owned life insurance.

In this infographic, we outline the difference:

  • Ownership
  • Premium
  • Coverage
  • Beneficiary
  • Portability

One of the big things to keep in mind is that the coverage offered is usually not enough to cover ongoing income needs and debts. (especially if you have mortgage in a place like Vancouver…)

If you’re a subscriber advisor of ours, please let us know if you’d like this infographic to use with your clients, prospects and referral sources such as HR or business owners you have a group benefits plan with.

The Infographic

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