When we work with advisors, one of the questions is, do you have testimonials or reviews? 

The answer is usually “Do you think I really need testimonials?” or “No, but I can get some, but I don’t know how.”

Let’s deal with answer #1: “Do you think I really need testimonials?”

Umm…. Yes, here’s our case for why you need testimonials and how it positions you as a trusted advisor.


Build Credibility and Trust

Testimonials show that you have paying clients who are happy with your services; you don’t have to tell prospects what a fantastic advisor you are… let your clients do that. 


Social Proof

In 2020, 87% of consumers read online reviews for a local business. Social proof is a phenomenon that occurs when people copy the actions of others in certain situations. It’s also one of the key factors driving our decisions as consumers, and it’s been proven that social proof can be used to encourage people to make a purchase decision. 


“Up to  84% of consumers noted that reviews were important in their purchasing decisions.”

Just think when a prospect is considering a financial advisor, reviews will be part of their decision-making process. 


Important for Search Engine Optimization

Google reviews will help improve your overall search rankings and overall SEO efforts. Although there are many factors in search rankings, reviews communicate authority and trustworthiness to search engines.

getting review 3

How do you get reviews? 

There are several ways to get reviews but just start by asking. Here’s an email template we provide to our advisors to garner google reviews.  It’s best to send this to a client immediately after you’ve provided them with great service. 
“ Hi <Client Name>, 

Would you take 60 seconds to click the link below and give us a Google Review? 

Hopefully, we’ve earned a solid “5-star,”…but if not, click on the SECOND link below to let us know where we need to improve.

Click Here to write a 5-star Google review: <Insert review link>
Or… Click Here if we don’t deserve a “5-star” review, and tell us what we need to improve: <Insert link>

Thanks so much!”


Here’s another template on how to get reviews: 

 Hi <Client Name>, 

I hope you have enjoyed working together. Would you mind writing a testimonial for me?

I’ve included questions below to help you get started:
What was the biggest challenge you faced with your finances before working with me?
What changes or results have you seen after working with me?
What is the most important thing people should know about working with me?
Would you mind also posting your testimonial on LinkedIn too? I’ll send you a request through LinkedIn.

 Would you mind also posting your review on: 

  • LinkedIn: <LinkedIn Profile Link> (I’ll send you a request through LinkedIn.)
  • Facebook Company Page: <Facebook Company Page Link>
  • Google Business Account: <Google Business Account Review Link>

Thank you for your time in doing this. I appreciate it.

 All the best,

good review

There are multiple ways to get reviews; here are some ideas: 

  •  Include a Google review, and call to action in your email signature
  • Create a QR code and place it on your business card to get google reviews
  • Run a google review email campaign
  • If you have any suppliers or strategic partners that you work with, you can ask them what it’s like to work with you regularly. 
  • Send out the template above immediately after you’ve provided your client with excellent service
  • Request through social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook
  • We can also add it to your website. 

Testimonials and Reviews are critical when positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. Don’t be shy and ask your clients. Most are happy to provide a review since you’ve impacted their financial lives. 

If you need help with your financial marketing, website, email marketing or social media, don’t hesitate to contact us and book a meeting.