Looking for information online – whether for a recipe or a financial advisor – is just a way of life these days. That’s why it’s essential to make sure that your website is informative and welcoming. One way to help you stand out from your competitors is to have a strong “About Us” page on your financial planning website.

While you don’t have to share every last detail about your business and your team members, conveying the right amount of information can help build your credibility as a financial advisor and enable you to start earning trust from potential clients.

Here are four tips to guide you in creating a great About Us page for your financial planning website. 

1. Make Your Value Proposition Prominent 

To quickly engage your potential client’s interest, highlight you and your team’s unique value at the top of your “About Us” page.

Your value proposition doesn’t have to be lengthy – it just has to outline how you can help potential clients with their financial goals. Avoid making your value proposition about your company – focus on how you can solve your client’s problems.  

2. Introduce Your Team

Now it’s time to introduce your team – whether that’s just you or you have several people on your team. Each team member should have a brief biography that details their education, how long they’ve been working as an advisor, and a few interesting personal facts.

Include pictures, and put the money into getting them done professionally. Having a photo as well as some personal facts can help make a connection with potential clients before you’ve even met them.

3. What’s Your Story?

People love stories! On your “About Us” page, you can use an engaging and compelling story to make potential clients interested in your company.  It doesn’t have to be more than a few paragraphs. Here are possible topics:

  • What makes you and your team unique as financial advisors?

  • Who are your ideal clients?

  • What are your team’s core values – what inspires them? 

4. Include Contact Information

Your “About Us” page should also include contact information, even if you already have an automated contact form. It’s important to enable potential clients to contact you in a manner that works for them. Your page should include the following information about your financial advisor business: 

  • A general inquiry email and phone number 

  • Office address and map 

  • Hours of operation 

  • A calendar with available meeting times

Let’s Get Started!

Now you’ve got some great ideas on how to make your “About Us” page stand out. If you’re looking for help to polish up your “About Us” page, give us a call!