The way that the financial advisor industry used to market itself – such as word-of-mouth or flattering stories in a newspaper or magazine – is still viable. Still, it’s also important to take advantage of new options.

Digital marketing is an excellent way for financial advisors to promote themselves! That being said, writing marketing materials and providing expert financial advice are two very different skill sets.  So, if you’re interested in digital marketing, your best bet may be to outsource it to a digital marketing expert.

You know you’re guaranteed to get results by working with a digital marketing expert! These are some of the benefits financial advisors who outsource their digital marketing can reap:

  • Specialist expertise

  • Industry-specific experience

  • More time to focus on business

  • Save yourself money

Specialist Expertise

Working with a digital marketing agency helps ensure that experienced and knowledgeable marketers design your digital marketing materials. Digital marketing experts are up to date on industry trends and changes and can put together a customized digital marketing plan for you! Your marketing plan can include everything from content writing and website development to SEO and email campaigns – everything you need to market your business effectively. 

Industry-Specific Experience

You don’t need just any digital marketing company – you need a marketing company with experience working with the financial industry and insurance advisors. Selecting a digital marketing company with the right expertise helps ensure following compliance rules and that your marketers are familiar with the products and services they’ll be writing about.

More Time to Focus on Business

As a financial advisor, you’ve got a lot on your plate already. You can focus on delivering exceptional client service and not waste time keeping up with digital marketing trends! Outsourcing your digital marketing to a professional team provides you with more time to focus on your primary responsibilities.

Save Yourself Money

Outsourcing your digital marketing not only saves you time – it saves you money. You likely don’t need a full-time digital marketer.  Even if you did, it’s less expensive to outsource your work to a digital marketing firm because you don’t have to pay for things like benefits, sick days, and specialized software. 

Outsourcing saves you money and gives you access to a team of experts who can help you every step of the way. 

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to move forward and get started working on your digital marketing campaign, we’re here for you! We’d be happy to discuss the most effective ways to market your financial advisor business – click here to get started!