Are you wondering whether to outsource your digital marketing and website or take care of it in-house? Have a professional digital marking company do the work; instead of wasting your team member’s valuable time and energy on tasks for which they may not be ideal.

These are the five key benefits to having a professionally designed website and e-newsletter:

  1. It builds credibility and trust.

  2. It enables you and your team to provide enhanced client service.

  3. It gives your team the opportunity for better time management.

  4. You can take advantage of fully automated marketing.

  5. No concerns about compliance!

1. Building Credibility and Trust

You want your current and prospective clients to feel like they can trust your judgement and that if you give them investment advice, it’s credible. Having a professional website is a great way to build trust and credibility, just as having a poorly designed one is a great way to lose it!

2. Provide Enhanced Customer Service

Another great way to keep clients loyal is to provide enhanced customer service. For example, make it easy for your clients to find answers to frequently asked questions on your website.  Alternatively, if they want to meet with you, offering online appointment scheduling shows your clients you’re committed to being available when they need you and that you value their time.

3. Better Time Management

As a financial advisor, you must spend your time on the things crucial to your success AND that you’re good at. Whether it’s checking into the latest investment regulations or providing answers to your client’s questions, you and your team already have enough work to take care of! Outsourcing your website and e-newsletter enables everyone to manage their time better.

4. Fully-Automated Marketing

It can take several times for a financial advisor to reach out to a client or prospect before committing to purchasing a product or service. With automated marketing provided by a professional digital marketing company, you can cut out the need to constantly follow up with clients manually. Instead, a fully automated monthly e-newsletter automatically establishes contact regularly!

5. Compliance Guaranteed

A digital marketing firm- especially one specializing in the financial services industry, can help guarantee that your website and e-newsletters are MFDA and IIROC compliant.  You don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking any rules when you’ve got a professional digital marketing company to guide you along the way.

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