here Financial planning for incorporated professionals is often two-sided- planning for the practice and personal financial planning.  A few things to keep in mind for professionals are:

  • Professionals are typically in the highest income tax bracket, therefore incorporating their practice can help manage and defer taxes at a lower corporate tax rate.
  • By incorporating- professionals can have access to dividends from their corporation, shareholder loans, corporately held life insurance and since money can be left inside a corporation- this money can be used in years where there are life changes such as pregnancy, buying a home or retirement.
  • Professionals should also ensure that they have access to health benefits.
  • Debt for a professional is not unusual, given the costs of education and equipment, therefore working with an advisor and accountant can help an incorporated professional find a way to balance their cash flow. Our video and presentation outlines both:

  • What’s a Financial Plan
  • Why you need a Financial Plan
  • What does a Financial Plan include- Personally and for the Practice
  • The Financial Planning Process

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