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November is Financial Literacy Month. Did you know that 48% of Canadians say they’ve lost sleep because of financial worries?*  Financial stress can be detrimental to mental and physical health, families, relationships and even productivity. With this in mind, we’re providing our advisors with a PowerPoint presentation to promote financial literacy in the community.

The presentation includes:

  • Sources of financial stress
  • 5 steps to remove financial stress including: budget, paying down debt, emergency fund, saving and protecting yourself
  • Call to action for individuals to get in touch with you to help them alleviate financial stress

This is completely free to download. If you feel another advisor could benefit from using this, please share it with them or let us know, and we can send it to them. By providing strategies to remove financial stress, we can help people feel more secure and confident about their finances.

*Financial Planning Standards Council, “OMNI REPORT: Financial Stress,” 2018.