It can be hard to get noticed as an independent financial advisor. You’re competing against big banks with large marketing budgets.

The good news is that content marketing is a great strategy that can help level the playing field.

Why is content marketing for financial advisors important?

As an advisor, you are probably aware that content marketing is essential for your business because it helps you:

  • Increase awareness about your business

  • Build trust

  • Position yourself as an authority

  • Develop relationships

  • Improve conversion

  • Generate leads (Content marketing brings in 3X as many leads as traditional marketing and costs 62% less.*)

What is content marketing for financial advisors?

Content marketing is all about creating and distributing online content to your ideal target market. It can take many forms – from articles to infographics to videos to calculators.

Depending on the subject matter, some things are better explained visually, like an infographic vs. an article. Take, for example, personally owned mortgage insurance vs. bank-owned insurance. An infographic can help a viewer quickly digest critical information without needing to read through a lot of text.


How can I make my content marketing more effective? 

Your goal with content marketing is to create content for your ideal client, think about the problems they deal with and provide a solution. 

 For example, what are some of their problems if your ideal client is a retiree? 

 How much money do I need to retire? 

  • When do I start taking CPP (Canada Pension Plan)?
  • I have a pension; what happens if my former employer goes bankrupt?
  • Will my money last for retirement? 
  • What about healthcare in retirement?
  • What will taxes look like in retirement?
  • Am I going to be okay?

 Once you’ve established what their problems are, then you look at offering solutions to these problems. 

 Because you are providing solutions to their problems, it will position you as the authority and build trust. 

 Marketers will tell you to start researching keywords you want to rank for on Google or Bing, but we find that can often cause analysis paralysis. 

 The key is just to get started. Focus on educating your prospects versus getting super “sale-sy” (is that a word? ).

 Depending on who you’re targeting, think of writing your articles in a conversational and casual tone. 

 Where does the content go? 

 Your content should go on your website, but where else should it go?  

  • Email Newsletter- you should be sending an email letter consistently
  • LinkedIn company page, LinkedIn personal profile, LinkedIn articles
  • Facebook company page
  • Twitter
  • Print newsletter
  • Magazine articles
  • Other blogs

 How do I get started? 

 Set aside time consistently to make the content and publish it to your website, social and email newsletter once it’s done. 

 You can outsource your content marketing to a company like Financial Tech Tools. We take the time to understand your business and provide financial content that focuses on your target market and is compliant. 

 Because of our unique combination of tech and financial knowledge, we save our advisors over 40 hours when putting together a website, content, email and social media strategy. You don’t have to explain what life insurance is or what an RRSP or TFSA does. You don’t need to tell us what IFA or IRP stands for because we get it. 

 Talk to us today so you can start growing your business.