2018 Year End Tax Tips

How did 2018 fly by so quickly? It’s that time of the year again… when we’re all thinking about…TAXES… Download your year end tax tips kit!

Financial Planning Week 2018

In order to help you promote Financial Planning Week, we’ve put together a free social media kit including a social schedule, social media exclusive images and of course the awesome resources from FPSC. Download your free kit!

Life Insurance Campaign

Summer time is a great time to catch up and plan for the next quarter. Many advisors head into the last quarter with little or no planning. Fortunately, we’ve put together a Life Insurance Marketing campaign to help you effectively market insurance so you have prospects ready to go in September. Download your free Life Insurance Campaign kit.

Financial Planning for Professionals

We’ve put together a powerpoint presentation and video about Financial Planning for Incorporated Professionals.

Spring cleaning your finances

How did Spring break sneak up so quickly? I feel like we just started the year…

For those that are into spring cleaning.. we’ve done a little twist- “Spring cleaning your finances” article and we’ve included spring break and Easter social posts.

Enjoy the break and eat lots of chocolate!

Writing your biography (for advisors!)

What? I have to write a bio about myself as a financial advisor? Where do I start?

RRSP Tax Savings Calculator

We’ve created a straightforward RRSP Tax Savings Calculator that you can embed on your website.

Strategic Planning for Financial Advisors

The beginning of the year is an ideal time to work “on” the business, but sometimes it’s difficult to get started. Download your strategic planning template.

RRSP campaign

Many advisors head into RRSP season with little or no planning, usually in late January, when most clients and prospects start asking about RRSPs because it’s all over the media. Download your free RRSP Campaign kit.