You’re likely very familiar with Google and have worked diligently to ensure your financial advisor website ranks highly on it.  But how familiar are you with Google reviews? 

We’ll explain to you what Google reviews are and how they can benefit your financial advisor business.

What are Google reviews?

Customers or clients can post their thoughts about a business online quickly and easily with a Google review – they don’t even need a Google account!

Google reviews are a free and easy way to help boost the profile of your business. Suppose your business comes up in a Google search. In that case, all associated Google reviews will also appear, giving potential clients insight into how much your current clients love you and providing your business with social proof.

Google reviews are a great way to level the marketing playing field without spending a ton of money on expensive ad campaigns!

How can my financial advisory practice benefit from Google reviews?

There are three significant benefits to Google reviews:

  1. Greater brand trust. Potential clients will be more likely to follow through and reach out to you if your business has many positive reviews.

  2. Better online exposure. Google reviews actually play a significant role in local search rankings. So, the most reviews your business has, the more likely it’ll rank highly when someone searches for a financial advisor business!

  3. Improved click-through rates. Having your business name pop up in search results is good. What’s even better? Have your Google ranking show up right beside a link to your business website. After seeing great Google reviews, and with your website link conveniently accessible, a client is more likely to click-through to your business website.

Ready to harness the power of Google reviews?

Google reviews are a great, cost-effective way for happy clients to provide feedback and for you to rank higher in search results. With Google results, you’ll enjoy greater brand trust and improved click-through rates from potential clients.

Not sure how to get started? Reach out to us today to learn how to make the most of Google reviews!