If you’re a financial advisor, having a professional website is a must! A website is the equivalent of a digital business card.  At Financial Tech Tools, we know that you want to be The Trusted Advisor. In order to do that, you need an online reputation that highlights your expertise. A professional website is part of this. 

Here are the top four reasons you need a professional website:

  1. You control how your message is presented.

  2. It’ll help you reach a wide range of prospective clients.

  3. It’ll increase your business’s credibility and visibility.

  4. It’s an easy way to distribute information about your services.

1. You Control Your Message

You can use social media sites – like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter – to share information about your services. But then you’re at the mercy of things like algorithms, character limits, and terms of service that restrict what you can post. Plus, not everyone is on social media, but pretty much everyone uses Google Search!

With a professional website, you control what kind of information you present and how you want to present it. Therefore, you don’t have to alter your message to fit any limitations.

2. You Can Reach a Wide Range of Prospective Clients

The great thing about a website is that it can be seen by pretty much everyone in the world! You can reach both a local and international audience. So you’re set whether you want to sell financial services to your fellow Canadians or are trying to get a global audience with products like Visitor to Canada Medical Insurance.

3. You Increase Your Business Credibility and Visibility

A solid, professional-looking website is a great way to increase your business credibility. In addition, it can help improve your business visibility. A well-put-together website helps ensure you appear in the top search results when prospective clients search online for a “local business advisor.” 

Are you worried about not making it to the top search result spots? A digital marketing team can help boost how well your financial advisor website ranks!

4. You Can Easily Distribute Information about Your Services

Another great selling point to websites is that they are a fantastic way to share information quickly and efficiently about your financial advisor services. 

With a website, you’ve got a one-stop shop for your services to sell them to current and potential clients.  They can find information about what you can offer them, and how to set up a meeting, all in one place!

We Can Help You Get Started

Using social media can be a great way to promote your financial advisor’s business, but it’ll never be able to replace a solid professional website. We can help you put together a website that’ll attract clients and rank high in search results – click here to learn more.