Turnkey Content, Website and App

Turnkey Content Marketing, Website and App PlansFamilyFamily & Business OwnerBusiness Owner & Accountants
Pricing$275 setup
$159 per month
$275 setup
$199 per month
$275 setup
$259 per month
Content researched & written by CFP, CLU, CHS, EPC, CH.F.C. Industry professionalsContent for Family MarketContent for Business Owners & FamiliesContent for Business Owners, Accountants and Professional Advisors
Advisor branded iOS App with News Feed and Retirement, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, Budget, Tax and Critical Illness Probability reports
Automatic monthly content updates
Annual content marketing plan and coaching
Video and Infographic Content
Responsive website and content developed by individuals with extensive industry experience
Monthly reporting on website traffic
Monthly reporting on app usage
Daily website backups
Ability to distribute app to clients through the Apple App Store
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Custom Websites start at $1775. Please contact us directly.