Tax Series: Structuring Universal Life This week, our focus is on passive investment income and limiting access to the small business tax rate.

For an advisor if you’re discussing this with a business owner or incorporated professional, here are the key points you should include:

The government is limiting access to the small business tax rate effective January 1, 2019, therefore it’s time to act now and review your situation.
Let’s review the type of assets your corporation currently holds and the treatment of these assets under the new measures.
Look at possible solutions including: Corporately-held life/critical illness insurance, Salary/Dividend payout, Individual pension plans and Deferred capital gains.

Segregated Funds and Mutual Funds- What’s the difference?

Segregated Funds and Mutual Funds often have many of the same benefits but for those that are planning their estates or business owners, the differences can be significant.

The Best Way to Buy Mortgage Insurance

Before buying insurance from your bank to cover your mortgage, please consider your options. What does the insurance cover?